ETA-001(3극/3m/연장거치대/데스크톱 PC 연결용)

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  • ETA-001(3극/3m/연장거치대/데스크톱 PC 연결용)


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The ETA-001 is a 9.8ft long extension cable for ETM series microphones such as the ETM-001, ETM-006 or ETM-008. What’s unique about the ETA-001 is that it has a magnetic base, allowing you to mount the extension on most metal surfaces.

It also comes with a metal place that has an adhesive backing so you can still mount the ETA-001 even if you don’t have a metal surface.


The ETA-001 is perfect for:

- Placing a microphone closer to the action but keeping your camera or digital voice recorder in a safe place

- Interviews or videos where the subject is further away from the camera or recorder

- Connecting an ETM-001 microphone directly to the base and mounting it to a car or motorcycle near the exhaust

- Securing an ETM-001 microphone inside a vehicle, on a table, wherever you can imagine

- Connecting an ETM series microphone to an iOS device with the ETG-003 adapter


BONUS Tip for Using the ETA-001

You can connect any 3 pole external microphone, like those shotgun mics made by our competitors, then mount it on a pole or monopod for a DIY boom pole microphone set up! You can run the cable into your Zoom H1 or other digital voice recorder.

An H1 is great for this because it has a headphone jack so you can monitor your audio while recording… like a BOSS!










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상품정보 사용후기 상품문의 상품FAQ 배송안내 관련상품